Razorneck - Razorneck - Tape

Razorneck - Razorneck - Tape

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Raw, unfiltered hardcore horror punk!
Drench yourself in apocalyptic despair, as the shrieking sounds of these blistering fast hardcore punks claw your howling body deep into the shadows!

Succumb to darkness, feel the NIGHTTOUCH!

1. Nighttouch
2. Bloodbath City
3. Underwater Terror
4. Rebel Without a Pulse
5. Rigor Mortis
6. Z-Day +13
7. Wartorn
8. Wartorn II
9. The Dead Are Hungry
10. Amputation
11. Hit And Run
12. Amercian Graveyard

1st Press strictly limited to 50 copies on Clear color cassette.Released July 5, 2024.